Writing a cv for tefl position in thailand

We are seeking qualified applicants for full-time position in Thailand Posted By: Wednesday, 21 Novemberat 2: I Can Read is a large literacy-based learning organisation which has operated for over 18 years in multiple countries. We specialise in the teaching of English literacy skills in addition to other important areas of child development, such as cognitive and social skills.

Writing a cv for tefl position in thailand

Here are some key things to keep in mind when you sit down to describe who you are and what you are capable of. Employers might ask you to include information such as your date of birth, country of birth, citizenship status, first language, marital status, or a passport photo on your resume.

They are just as excited to hire the perfect employee as you are to get the perfect TEFL job. Make sure you understand exactly how and to whom the employer wants you to submit your resume or CV. Read all of the details.

Thoroughly read all of the requirements of the job posting. Take a look at the documents needed before applying.

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Look neat and dress professionally in your photo. Make it a good one! Choose a simple formatting style. Follow these category guidelines: In general, these are the categories you need to include in your CV in this order: Include location and dates. Try to include interests that are relevant to the job to which you are applying.

This shows the employer that you are adaptable and worldly! And most importantly, before you attach your resume to send to any job posting, double check it, triple check it, and have someone else look it over! Want more articles like this one and other TEFL resources delivered right to your inbox?Just like “you are what you eat,” your CV (resume) is you in print!

Here are some key things to keep in mind when you sit down to write a TEFL resume. Just like “you are what you eat,” your CV (resume) is you in print! Some of the “rules” of resume writing for U.S. jobs are out the window. By now, you know the basics to writing a resume and/or CV.

We won’t get bogged down about the difference between a resume and CV, especially since HR personnel are familiar and comfortable with both. TEFL Courses in Thailand. TEFL Courses in Bangkok – Unbiased Review; TEFL Courses in Chiang Mai – Reviews; TEFL Courses .

Mar 15,  · Teaching Jobs in Chiang Mai Over the last 10 years Chiang Mai has become one of the most popular expat cities in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

It blends tradition with history, culture, delicious food, friendly locals and spectacular scenery. 8) Write individual cover letters for each position you apply for You need to tailor the letter to suit the position that you are applying for.

Show that you have made an effort – employers will know if you have just sent the same letter to ten different people.

writing a cv for tefl position in thailand

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Africa, search to resume writing content writing services only a wide range of how can i know several european sales jobs. Of course, as you're applying for a position teaching English, include any English language experiences as well, such as writing for a student newspaper, involvement in a poetry club, or taking journalism or literature courses at your university.

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