Wood pellet production business plan

Wood pellets production project summary and business plan Project goals: Constant growth of the market wood pelletsexcess of demand over supply; Team of professionals, which is able to develop the project; Constant growth of prices on the utilities will make consumers turn to alternative cheaper and ecologically clean fuels; High profitability of the product low costs of the raw material and labor force. The search of the investor partner for establishing a joint venture The degree of project preparation for establishing a joint venture wood pellets production 1. A detailed business plan has been worked out, including supplement:

Wood pellet production business plan

However there are still huge demand for wood pellet fuel. It is estimated that there will be around 50 to 80 million metric tons of wood pellets demanded by EU nations by the year It means domestic wood pellet supply will be not sufficient to many countries and pellet plant constructing and pellet importing will be the way.

A typical wood pellet plant under construction Economic benefits of building a pellet plant Labeled with green and sustainable fuel, wood pellets are welcomed as a replacement of fossil fuels for energy production and pellet fuel production is subsided by majority of governments all around the world.

Comparing with oil, one ton of wood pellets reduces CO2 emission around tons. While on the other hand, one ton of wood pellets equals to 2. See the comparisons of wood pellet fuel with other fuels, such as coal, gas, electricity, etc, click here.

Nowadays, with the favorable situations, pellet production business is developed with pleasing momentum. The situation is quite the same in other EU countries. Another words, to build a wood pellet plant and produce wood pellet is quite a profitable business.

Wood pellet plant prerequisites Building your own pellet plant does have some premises: Lacking of full consideration of each one of said points may cause problems in production, logistics or shipment. Detail explanations go here: Which is the best choice for your pellet production, sawdust, wood chips, tree branches, straw, stalk, palm fiber?

It is also necessary to consider overall quality of raw material such as, size, moisture, heat values, ashes, etc. When it comes to raw material, we are talking about not only what kind of pellets you are producing, but also the equipments you need with your pellet plant, as different material need different equipments.

It decides the construction of wood pellet plant and the quality of final pellet products, that is, your investment and your profits. Quality is another factor affects your profitability when the market price is fixed.

Superior quality will be your competitive advantage while bad pellet quality or a bad reputation for wood pellet quality will be lethal disadvantage. Financing is very important for wood pellet plant construction and your profits. Generally, the investment and your pellet plant size are in direct ratio.

See the picture below for a better understanding. Typical production processes in a wood pellet plant How pellets are made in a wood pellet plant? Generally, it will go through the following procedures: Harvest wood will be pre-processed by a wood chipper.

The chipped woods will be reduced into proper size, less than 6 mm. Impurities such as stones, metals, or others will be screened out of raw materials.

The desired moisture content will be achived by drying. Drum driers will be the choice for standarded wood pellet plant. Prepared raw materials will be forced thrgouth the die hole of pellet mills with great pressure to extrude the pellets which is hot and soft. Hottly extruded pellets will be harden and strenthened after air cooling.

Pellets are packaged into bags for the sake of pellet protection and convient distribution. Pellets should be kept in dry conditions and be stored in tanks, containers, or silos.

Pellets are distributed in bag or in bulk form by truck or other vehicles. Pellet plant flow chart Equipments required with a wood pellet plant: However, for large scale complete wood pellet factory, ring die pellet machine is usually the choice.

Gemco wood pellet plant for sale As a pellet plant designer and constructor, Gemco recommends the following typical pellet plant design which can meet the requirements of various pellet producers. Simple structure, one ring die pellet mill is stalled.

wood pellet production business plan

Easy operation and labor saving. Easy construction and customization design is possible.A small wood pelleting plant is used by millers for small-scale pellet production.

Mini Wood Pellet Mill (Customized Business Plan is Available). The Wood Pellet Value Chain wood pellet production comes from a variety of forest resources each with differing costs.

Feedstock Today, the European power market is the engine of global wood pellet business. Renewable energy policies, financial incentives and . Wood processing market: The company applicant is located in Volinska Region, Ukraine where wood pellets production is planned to be organized.

Feedstock characteristics The total area of forest resources of the region - ,5 thousand hectare.

wood pellet production business plan

leslutinsduphoenix.com: The Beginners Guide To Pellet Production However, generally for wood pellet production steam is used. Changes in Pellet Mill Operating Temperatures. Wood pellet production line and pellet production equipment help you start wood pellets business.

This not only makes great profit but also provide green fuel for the world. A typical wood pellet plant consists of wood chipper, screw conveyor, magnetic separator, hammer mill, rotary dryer, ring die pellet mill, pellet cooler, pellet package machine, leslutinsduphoenix.com the global warming problem grows, governments are focus on green energy development.

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