Virtual education

Virtual education core definition Virtual education is delivered, usually via information technology networks, without restricting the learner in space or time. Virtual education, in the past would have included distance education but in the second decade of the twentieth century it would usually imply learning via the Internet without any formal requirement to attend a physical campus. In some cases virtual education complements on-campus learning and as such is closer to blended learning analytical review Farrellp. It is not uncommon for terms such as virtual and online to be used interchangeably by individuals to describe different approaches to technology integration

Virtual education

Now that this fairly obvious statement has been made, we can move on to a second, more interesting point. Virtual reality allows for constructivist learning VR also provides an opportunity for constructivist learning, i.


Research has shown in virtual world-building simulations, low-performing students improved academically more than those learning through traditional methods, even more so than their high-achieving counterparts1. In introductory astronomy courses, VR activities where students built 3D Solar Systems supported greater understanding of astronomical concepts2.

This affordance of VR gives students the ability to construct visual and manipulable Virtual education to represent knowledge, an allowance that traditional learning methods lack.

Virtual education

Fantastic Contraptiona physics-based building game, is a great example that uses constructivist theory to reinforce principles of physics. In the game the player builds a machine and if it does not achieve a certain goal, he or she must problem-solve until it functions correctly.

In these examples, constructivist principles of authentic activities and knowledge-creation environments are readily observable within VR.

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Thus, VR has great potential to enhance the educational landscape by making immersive learning environments customizable, actively engaging, and self-paced for student success3.

VR also provides an opportunity for training, therapy, or simulation in situations where repeated practice and a safe space to fail are present. This can be useful as spaces for therapy for students with disabilities, post-traumatic stress disorder, or social anxiety.

It also is excellent for learning in environments that are inherently dangerous, i. The virtual environment allows students control over their learning in a consequence-free, explorative manner, through which they become empowered and more engaged5.

Whether its learning a new language or building Minecraft-esque worlds, virtual reality enables new levels of immersion, experimentation, and potential for learning. As development increases for virtual reality, be on the lookout for more experiences that take advantage of its constructivist nature.Augmented and Virtual Reality in Education – Part 1: K Augmented and virtual realities are claiming stronger holds on many parts of our lives, and K education .

Virtual education in K schooling often refers to virtual schools, and in higher education to virtual universities. Virtual schools are "cyber charter schools " [] with innovative administrative models and course delivery technology.

Educere offers 5, plus virtual courses from over 40 education providers, but it is our personalized education services that K customers rely upon. Educere's Personal Learning Coach TM is a single-point-of-contact supporting each school, student, and parent.

The Virtual Education Program at the School District of Hartford Jt. #1 began in August with 45 students participating.

The program offers several options, with students taking anywhere from just one course to an entire course load.

Sep 08,  · Alex Faaborg shares how Virtual Reality introduces unique challenges for interface design, and opens up incredible opportunities for the future of art, journalism, and education.

VirtualSC is a free state-sponsored online program serving students currently attending public, private and home schools in grades and Adult Education Programs. What VirtualSC Offers VirtualSC offers free rigorous online courses aligned to state standards that are developed and taught by Highly Qualified, SC licensed teachers.

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