Valedictory address

Ederic Eder Talumpati March 25, Graduation season na naman.

Valedictory address

It is truly an honor to be standing on this stage today, and like many other occasions at Hamilton College I know this is an experience I will never forget. Valedictory Address Class of Congratulations! Jun 02,  · (32) My speech would be incomplete without specifically mentioning the Civil Service, which is the engine of government. We accorded training and re-training of Civil Servants priority attention. We tried to close the skills gap by working closely with local and international partners to build capacities across the Service. Webcast Services of National Informatics Centre, NIC, Govt. of India.

This is in deed an honor. There is also a companion page at Graduation speech which outlines how to structure your Valedictorian speech.

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On this page are some techniques to assist your presentation of this great speech on this auspicious occasion. To relax and enable you to be at your best, you can calm the nerves with the steps below.

Calm the Nerves You may want to print this Valedictory address and take it with you on this excursion. I have found the most amazing music written by a Composer trained in Music Therapy who writes for relaxation, de-stressing and to assist sleep.

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The real magic of music for that inner calm. Be prepared Writing your speech is not difficult. Here is a skeleton and structure to use. Visualise Visualise the occasion.

To help you, visit the venue if you can where you will present the Valedictorian Speech. The venue may be a familiar one, so a visit may not be required. But if you are super nervous, or have never stood to speak from the stage or podium at this venue, then a visit is an excellent idea.

You will be surprised how this small excursion will considerably calm your anxiety. If you cannot visit, imagine and vividly visualise those parts of the journey below that will be the same: Make as vivid an image as possible.

Over the next few weeks and days, you will replay the steps below over and over again. This could be a podium on the stage. Scan where the audience will be seated. Look around to where the dignitaries will be seated.

Look at your fellow graduates.


They ALL want you to do well. They are here to hear your words. Now, when you are away from the venue, when you are quiet, maybe sitting having lunch, maybe in the shower, maybe lying in bed, replay your tape: Replay your visualisation as often as you like.

This successful imagery will build confidence and calm the nerves, AND create the best experience of a Valedictorian speech. These simple steps are my proven strategy to calm the nerves.

By simply walking where you will walk, and standing where you will stand, nerves dissipate not totally, but sufficiently.

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To be at your best, a few nerves will aid your presentation as you become alert to the occasion, your audience and your message.May 28,  · Little Valedictorian! Last week was one of my proudest moments as a mommy as I watched my 5 year old daughter graduate from kindergarten.

Valedictory address

I sat in my seat with my heart about to jump out of my chest beaming with pride. Valedictorian Speeches. Read the speeches of past SFC valedictorians: Christine Muraco - Class of Winter ; Dragana Dzigurski - Class of Spring ; Theresa Franchi - Class of Spring ; Chantell Chimbo - Class of Winter ; Tvrtko Vrdoljak - Class of Spring ;.

The valedictorian is usually the student with the highest grades in a class.

Valedictory address

If the valedictorian of your class is someone you like and admire, you'll enjoy listening to her graduation speech. At a high school or university graduation, the valedictorian traditionally gives a farewell speech, called a valedictory.

Jul 27,  · His presence on the podium was also a valedictory for an exceptional man and president who will be remembered for eloquently defending the founding precepts of . Valedictory Address to the Class of Posted on June 21, To our Deans, esteemed faculty and staff, dearest friends and family, and of course, my fellow classmates – I am so honoured to take this stage on such an auspicious morning.

Valedictorian Speeches Graduation Speech Ideas For You. Valedictorian Speeches made easy for you. Congratulations on being asked to present the Valedictorian speech.

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