The direct method

It is sometimes called the natural method because the aim is to teach students in a similar way that they acquire their first language. The direct method of teaching came as a response to the shortfalls of the grammar-translation method, which works to teach grammar and translate vocabulary from the native language of the student. Therefore, the grammar-translation method relies heavily on the written language, whereas the direct method places the emphasis on both listening and speaking.

The direct method

More recent work on language teaching methodology is published on the same site. Berlitz called it the "Berlitz Method", but it is otherwise known as the direct method.

The direct method was based on the belief that total immersion would speed up the language learning process. It gave listening and speaking a higher priority than reading and writing similar to a child's acquisition of their native language.

Grammar was taught in an inductive manner and focused on the forms that are most common in the spoken language. Classes had few students; the intensity and the small class size made the direct method unsuitable for public schools, who went back to the grammar translation method GTM.

According to Mehmet Demirezenthe popularity of the direct method had declined by the s due to criticism from the Reform Movement. Advantages of the direct method: The learner receives more input in the target language than when the language is instructed in their native language.

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The learner creates direct associations between words in the foreign language and concepts in their mind, actions, situations, etc. This can be important when words in the target language are difficult to map to words in the native language.

Because of the above, the learner is encouraged much earlier to think in the target language which may reduce interference from the native language, although no language teaching method prevents it entirely. Classes have few students, so the intensity of the learning process can be increased.

Disadvantages of the direct method: Activities are much more teacher-guided than in certain other methods that allow, e. There is no emphasis on authentic materials. Some learners may not like the delay in learning to read and write, e.

The direct method requires a high level of language competence in teachers, since they are not supposed to compensate lower language skills by relying on their native language.

The small class size made the direct method unsuitable for public education.

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At the beginning, the learner may feel overwhelmed by the new language, and certain emotional states anxiousness, frustration, anger, The direct method did not deal with these psychological aspects cf.

Naimunlike some other methods such as Suggestopedia. Some concepts are difficult to explain without recourse to the learner's native language. However, if an occasional translations is allowed, this need not be a disadvantage of the direct method.

When there is a big distance between the learner's native language and the target language, certain aspects are difficult to explain without using the learner's native language. This is especially the case for grammar and certain communicative and cultural subtleties. At the early stages, the learner simply lacks the vocabulary to understand these aspects when they are explained in the foreign language.

Davies, Alan; Elders, Catherine, eds.: The Handbook of Applied Linguistics. Adamson quotes another researcher Nunanwho says that there is "little evidence that methods are realised at the level of classroom action in the ways intended by their creators".

I did not rely on Wikipedia for the list of advantages and disadvantages.The direct method of teaching, which is sometimes called the natural method, and is often (but not exclusively) used in teaching foreign languages, refrains from using the learners' native language and uses only the target language.

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The direct method

The Audio-lingual Method is still in use today, though normally as a part of individual lessons rather than as the foundation of the course. These types of lessons can be popular as they are relatively simple, from the teacher’s point of view, and the learner always knows what to expect.

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The direct method
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