The anglo american empire

It sets out how the US military intends to keep ahead of those trends.

The anglo american empire

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This study raises new questions that will be addressed in a future article. According to documents reveled by the Bank of England inhe Czechoslovak gold was held in London in a sub-account in the name of the Bank for International Settlements, the Basel-based bank for central banks. When the Nazis marched into Prague in March they immediately sent armed soldiers to the offices of the National Bank.

The Czech directors were ordered, on pain of death, to send two transfer requests. The first instructed the BIS to transfer The war was not unleashed by frenzied Fuhrer who happened to be ruling Germany at the time.

The USSR was the target. There were key figures behind the plot: The strategic plan of Rockefellers and Morgans was to subjugate Europe economically, saturate Germany with foreign investments and credits and make it deliver a crushing blow against the Soviet Russia so that it would be returned into the world capitalist system as a colony.

In Germany the plans were carried out by Hitler and Hjalmar Schacht. Some historians say Hjalmar Schacht played a more important role than Hitler.


Simply Schacht kept away from spotlight. Hjalmar Schacht played an active role in the implementation of Dawes Plan. In he summed up the results, saying that in 5 years Germany got more foreign loans that the United States in the 40 years preceding WWI.

In the s the process of feeding Germany with investments and credits continued. The Young Plan was a program for settling German reparations debts after World War I written in and formally adopted in It was presented by the committee headed —30 by American industrialist Owen D.

Young, creator and ex-first chairman of Radio Corporation of America RCAwho, at the time, concurrently served at board of trustees of Rockefeller Foundation, and also had been one of representatives involved in previous war reparations restructuring arrangement — Dawes Plan of In reality the money flows went in quite a different direction - from the United States and Great Britain to Germany.

The majority of strategically important German companies belonged to American capital or were partly under its control. Some of them belonged to British investors. German oil refinery and coal liquefaction sectors of economy belonged to Standard Oil the Rockefellers.

FarbenindustrieAG chemical industry major wasmoved under the control of the Morgan Group. By the time Hitler came to power the US financial capital practically controlled all strategically important sectors of German industry: Before that his candidacy had been thoroughly studied by American bankers.

Blood, Class and Empire: The Enduring Anglo-American Relationship (Nation Books) [Christopher Hitchens] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Since the end of the Cold War so-called experts have been predicting the eclipse of America's special relationship with Britain. But as events have shownReviews: British–American relations, also referred to as Anglo-American relations, encompass many complex relations ranging from two early wars to competition for world markets. The Anglo-American Establishment By Carroll Quigley Professor of Foreign Service Georgetown University New York: Books in Focus Table of Contents.

HjalmarSchacht went to the United States in the autumn of to discuss the nomination with American colleagues. He spent the whole trying to convince the German bankers that Hitler was the right person for the position. He achieved the goal.

In mid-November 17 German largest bankers and industrialists sent a letter to President Hindenburg expressing their demand to make Hitler the Chancellor of Germany. After that the National Socialist Party came to power.

As a result, the financial and economic ties of Germany with Anglo-Saxons elevated to a higher level. Hitler immediately made an announcement that he refused to pay postwar reparations.

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It all went down smoothly. Some historians say the American and British bankers were pliant because by the Soviet Union had fulfilled the 5-year economic development plan to make it achieve new heights as an industrial power. A few thousand enterprises were built, especially in the sector of heavy industry.

The dependence of USSR on import of engineering production has greatly dwindled. The chances to strangle the Soviet Union economically were practically reduced to zero. They decided to rely on war and launched the runaway militarization of Germany. It was easy for Germany to get American credits.

By and large, Hitler came to power in his country at the same time as Franklin Roosevelt took office in the United States. The very same bankers who supported Hitler in supported Roosevelt at the presidential election.

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The newly elect President could not but endorse large credits to Germany.Anglo-Saxon art, manuscript illumination and architecture produced in Britain from about the 7th century to the Norman Conquest of Anglo-Saxon art may be divided into two distinct periods, one before and one after the Danish invasions of England in the 9th century..

Before the 9th century, manuscript illumination was the major art in Britain. There were two schools of illumination: a.

The Anglo-American Establishment By Carroll Quigley Professor of Foreign Service Georgetown University New York: Books in Focus Table of Contents. The Anglo-American Empire is Preparing for Resource War The control of resources remains a core factor in US considerations for sustaining global US hegemony in the face of rising geopolitical influence of its major rivals.

The clay, therefore, represents elements within the sphere of influence of the Anglo-American World Power, elements that make it weaker than the solid iron of the Roman Empire.

The clay is referred to as “the offspring of mankind,” or the common people. The Anglo-American Loan Agreement was a post World War II loan made to the United Kingdom by the United States on 15 July , and paid off in The loan was negotiated by John Maynard loan was for $ billion (US$57 billion in ) at a low 2% interest rate; Canada loaned an additional US$ billion.

The anglo american empire

The Anglo-American Empire has adopted a plan for dominance in the Middle East. This dominance taken to its logical conclusion is dangerous and is based upon greed and power. The USA has been abused by both the UK and Israel in this process.

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