Severn trent business plan 2015

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Severn trent business plan 2015

Before the business plan was submitted to Ofwat they needed to test its overall acceptability amongst customers, both domestic and business, across the region.

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STW asked Qa to help them achieve this. What they asked us to investigate The objectives for the research included: Over 1, interviews were completed across the STW region. In addition, in-depth telephone interviews with businesses across the region were undertaken.

What we discovered The survey allowed researchers to use an on-line slider to hypothetically increase or decrease the water bill and see what impacts on service and actions this would have, thus helping respondents see the consequences of their decisions.

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The research confirmed the broad acceptance to customers of the business plan, and also gave STW valuable information on the areas that might need addressing in the next 5 years.

What the Researcher said: Nick How, Research Director at Qa said: To the respondents it appeared simple but it actually required complex programming.

severn trent business plan 2015

This site uses cookies:We've agreed our business plan for with our economic regulator, Ofwat. This plan delivers better services and lower bills for you.

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Severn Trent said it will submit a revised plan to Ofwat on 27 June, and expects a final settlement in December. The utility said it would lift .

severn trent business plan 2015

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Severn Trent Annual Review

Severn Trent Plc Annual Report and Accounts Severn Trent Plc Annual Report and Accounts SECURING 02 Severn Trent Plc Annual Report and Accounts process, as we prepared and submitted our business plan for the next five years, and accepted Ofwat’s Final Determination.

It has been the culmination of over 18 months . Stoke-on-Trent (often abbreviated to Stoke) is a city and unitary authority area in Staffordshire, England, with an area of 36 square miles (93 km 2).Together with the neighbouring boroughs of Newcastle-under-Lyme and Staffordshire Moorlands, it is part of North , the city had a population of , Stoke is polycentric, having been formed by the federation of six towns.

this private almost 7 acre estate sits on a ridge at the end of a long winding paved drive with spectacular views over the countryside. from the inviting front foyer with cathedral ceilings, slate and walnut flooring, cherry kitchen cabinetry.

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