Rearing goats business plan

Total Notwithstanding the economic importance of livestock in the region, the sector is facing major challenges. First, many of the traditional livestock grazing lands are turned into regular farm lands.

Rearing goats business plan

Posted by StartupBiz Zimbabwe Agriculture IndustryBusiness IdeasBusiness PlansStarting a Business 48 Raising broiler chickens is becoming more popular in Zimbabwe, as people try to find extra income amid the growing economic challenges and high unemployment levels in the country.

Many have lost hopes of ever getting jobs in the formal sector, and have started different types of income generating projects. Broiler chicken farming business in Zimbabwe can be very profitable if it is properly run under acceptable methods and conditions conducive for the chicken production, good management and a good business plan.

Before you start a broiler production business, you have to decide how many chickens you want to keep, where you are going keep them, and your target market. The number of birds you keep will depend on the amount of land and capital you have, and also the size of your target market.

You should always carry out a feasibility study, market research and write a business plan before you venture into any business. What you need Land, Housing and Equipment This is a very important factor to consider.

It will determine whether rearing goats business plan succeed or not in the poultry business. The kind of housing you need and the size of the land will depend on the size of your poultry project. Broilers cannot adjust well to temperature extremes, so it is very important that chickens be housed, cared and provided with an environment that will enable them to maintain their thermal balance.

The right housing should have proper ventilation and the right lighting. The length of the broiler house should run from east to west to prevent direct sunlight.

Birds need a certain minimum space and convenient place to grow well, otherwise if the space is not enough they may suffocate to death, which will be a great loss to your business.

You should allow 0.

Goat Farming Business Plan In Nigeria Feasibility Studies PDF

Your housing can be barns, chicken runs or hutches. The cost of construction depends on the size. You should have equipment including feeders, drinkers, lighting system and waste disposal system.

Day old chicks The mortality rate of the broilers, their growth and weight will depend on the brand of day old chicks which you buy. Some brands grow slower, and have a high mortality rate.

You should make your own research on which brand to buy, not to just buy the cheapest ones, as that will cost you. Enquire from those who are already in the broiler business. Ask the companies if they offer any guarantee on their day old chicks. Some companies will replace your chicks if they die and if you have any problems with the chicks, you can return them and you will given new chicks.

Stock feeds The profitability of the broiler chicken farming business depends on minimizing the mortality rates and optimizing the target weight of the birds. Broiler diets are formulated to provide the protein, energy, vitamins and other nutrients essential for health and efficient broiler production.

So the type of feeds you choose will determine the success of your business.

rearing goats business plan

On average, by the time a bird reaches 6 weeks, it should have consumed a total of 4kg of broiler feeds. Six weeks is the age at which most broilers are sold, and they will be having an average live weight of between 2.

You will also need proper vaccines and medications to prevent diseases and promote growth of your broilers. For large scale broiler production, you can produce the feeds by yourself.

You will have to learn how to make broiler feeds, and purchase the necessary equipment, and this will cut your feeding costs. For small scale broiler production, it is better to buy already-made broiler feeds. You can buy stock feeds which are complete such that you give them to your birds without adding anything.

For those with access to cheap home grown maize, you can buy broiler concentrate feeds. You will then mix the broiler concentrate with maize meal, according to the ratio specified on the concentrate feed packet. This will lead to lower feeding costs, while providing all the necessary nutrients required by the birds.

You have to carry out a research concerning which brand to buy, as there are many broiler feeds brands in the market. The type of feeds you choose will determine the growth rate, health, and weight of your birds.

rearing goats business plan

You will have to feed the birds according to the specific instructions on the packet of the feed, otherwise your birds may die. Management and Labour The number of staff you will need depends on the size of your poultry farming project.

If you are keeping 50 birds at the back of your house you may not need an employee as you and your family will take care of the birds.Goat farming is one of the most rewarding animal rearing business anyone can engage in anywhere in the world. Goat meats are widely accepted and consumed round the globe, while the milk is also gaining in popularity and is being sold in supermarkets across the United States, Europe and Asia and represent the bulk of the liquid milk market.

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A Sample Goat Farming Business Plan Template for Beginners. Business Overview; The agricultural industry of which livestock farming or better still goat farming is a subset of is no doubt among the leading industry in most countries of the world; it is the industry that produces food for the populace and raw materials for industries.

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Complete self-sufficiency may seem out of reach, but for more and more of us, increasing our self-reliance as much as possible is the order of the day. Incorporating dairy goats as the .

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