Personal exploration of knowledge essay

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Personal exploration of knowledge essay

Write a to word response to each question: I have selected this particular group because of my unfamiliarity with it. Native Americans were always a group of people that I assumed were mostly dead and gone or lived on reservations.

After visiting the North Western part of the United States I learned that many of my misconceptions are not valid and Native Americans are very much alive.

In fact, I have found that many of my misconceptions are unwarranted in regards to their drinking habits, living arrangements, languages, lifestyles, and physical appearances. Why would understanding diversity issues be important to you as a human services worker?

In thinking about working professionally with Native Americans I am curious about several traits and characteristics that I have always been accustomed to believing.

For instance, I have learned that Native Americans are proud of the traditions that have passed down through generation to generation in regards to clothes and language and how that will play out in working relationships. In attempting to develop a good relationship with this particular group of people, I think it will be essential to have a good understanding of the differences that set us apart from one another.

Personal exploration of knowledge essay advanced knowledge of this particular group would help in resolving any misconceptions that I may have towards them.

Personal Exploration of Knowledge | Essay Example

I think it would be very important for anyone to conduct whatever research is necessary to learn as much as possible about people that have different lifestyles than we are accustomed to being around. By educating ourselves to the diverse styles and beliefs we will be exposed too will give us an advantage when it comes to developing healthy working relationships.

It is really hard to actually pinpoint a specific area for which to increase my personal knowledge about Native Americans.

However, I think it would be crucial for me to couple my experiences, knowledge, and research pertaining to the Native Americans in order to set any biases apart from actual truth.

Personal exploration of knowledge essay

Many times people tend to believe wise tales, so to speak, and disregard actual truth. It is so important to set aside any pre-conceived notions of anyone that is different from ourselves simply because they do not share the same ideals as we do.

The assumptions and beliefs I have been accustomed to believing has to do with language and the idea of different cultures taking jobs away from American people. During the tough economic times that American citizens seem to be facing the frustration of differing demographic populations that do not speak English seems to be making matters worse.

Other than the concerns that have already been expressed I think the language barrier between this particular population would make it difficult for me to professionally work with anyone that does not speak English. In respect to that, that uncertainty of a group of people talking in their native language would make me somewhat uncomfortable, to say the least.

Personal exploration of knowledge essay

I also realize that, although this may be a legitimate concern, it does not necessarily mean that my feelings are valid. I am not so sure that any advanced knowledge of my involvement with a population that speaks a different language than I am accustomed too would help because I would first have to have a little more faith.

In that I mean that my preconceived ideas would have to be broken and a new understanding would have to be adapted in order for me to be comfortable.

Perhaps a serious attempt to learn the language that Latino people speak would make the difference but at this point in time I do not think that would be possible.

Therefore, any hope of befriending someone that I can not communicate with seems like a long shot. As far as this part of the question goes, if I could learn more about the mannerisms, customs, and religious beliefs of Latino people it may help me to become more accepting of this particular culture.

My problem is that I am older and just as soon remain in my comfort zone. I know that sounds bad but learning a new language is not something I am capable of at this time.Personal Exploration of Knowledge Essay Sample The experience acquired in the pursuit of knowledge management was accepting an invitation to a concert.

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– During this personal geographic expedition of cognition. different signifiers of cognition acquisition will be discussed. The existence is full of different sorts of stimulations and traveling to a concert is an first-class manner to get cognition of the acting humanistic disciplines while basking the educational procedure.

At a personal level, the idea of personal development involves activities such as improving self knowledge and awareness, building identity, developing strengths, spiritual development, enhancing potential, improving health, fulfilling aspirations, enhancing lifestyles, improving wealth, improving social abilities, and building human capital (Johns, ).

Personal Exploration of Knowledge, to begin this exploration, I will give a scholarly definition of the word personal. According to Neidhardt (), the concept is based upon the commitment, defined as the responsible submission of the mind to the requirements of a reality independent of it.

During this personal exploration of knowledge, different forms of knowledge acquisition will be discussed. The universe is full of different kinds of stimuli and going to a concert is an excellent way to acquire knowledge of the performing arts while enjoying the educational process.

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