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Hsm 220

Click for full-size image. Click here for the RAW file. Introduction When it comes to high-powered zoom lenses, Sigma's mm Contemporary lens has proven to be very popular among photographers looking for a telephoto zoom lens that doesn't break the bank.

Though smaller and more affordable than the mm Sport versionthat lens still may be a little heavy or more than they can afford. For Hsm 220 looking for a telephoto zoom lens that is compact and lightweight, a mm has often been a good choice, but you do give up a fair bit of reach. With that said, the lens does feel robust despite its lightweight design and offers dust and splash-proofing around the mount.

In total, the mm is 7. The lens hood Hsm 220 just under three inches long and extending the lens to mm does make it about two and a half inches longer, so that's something to consider, but generally speaking, it's pretty compact Hsm 220 its focal length range.

Plus, it's a full-frame lens, so its design is an even more impressive accomplishment. Looking at the rings on the Sigma mm lens, you'll find a large zoom ring toward the end of the barrel and a focus ring nearer the camera body. The zoom ring has a ridged rubberized surface that offers ample grip.

The focus ring offers a ridged surface but is plastic rather than rubber, which is fine for a ring that likely won't see a ton of use as most users will probably stick to autofocus. The rotation has a good amount of resistance, and the lens has a windowed focus scale with many distance markings.

The lens does have the option for full-time manual override for focus, which is also a nice feature. Overall Overall, the Sigma mm Contemporary lens feels very nice in the hand. It's compact and lightweight despite its impressive zoom range. It's a breeze to use for extended periods of time and is a great option for photographers who want zoom versatility but don't want something large and heavy.

The lens exhibits build quality beyond its price tag, too. The lens includes 21 elements spread across 15 groups, including 4 Special Low Dispersion SLD elements, which are designed to minimize chromatic aberrations.

As we'll see in a couple of sections, the SLD elements do their job quite nicely. Sharpness While I exclusively used the Sigma mm on my crop sensor Nikon D camera in the field, I did capture some test images on a full-frame Nikon DE to see how it performed, particularly across the entire frame.

When shooting at mm, the lens was a bit disappointing. It is not super sharp when shooting wide open, not even in the middle of the frame, and its corner performance wide open is not very impressive either. Click for full-size JPEG image. When you stop the lens down, performance does improve, but it is still not very impressive in the corners.

With that said, you likely aren't purchasing a mm zoom lens to use it at mm, so how does the lens handle the critical mm focal length?

As we can see, when shooting wide open, the Sigma mm lens does quite well on the full-frame Nikon DE. There is a good amount of detail present, and its performance is good for a telephoto zoom lens as compact and affordable as the Sigma mm Contemporary. Speaking of making the lens slower, it is compatible with Sigma's teleconverters, although I did not have access to them.

These test images are not perfect substitutes for lab images, but they are quite illustrative of what the lens can do at its two extreme focal lengths.

In my opinion, how the lens does with real world subjects is more important. As you can see, the lens is capable of delivering plenty of detail. Considering its price and versatility, I was impressed and pleasantly surprised by what the Sigma mm can do given the right conditions more on that later.

Chromatic Aberration There is some chromatic aberration present despite the quartet of SLD elements, but it's not bad. It gets worse when looking at the corners of the frame and is not completely removed by stopping down.

In real world situations, chromatic aberration is not a big issue.

Sigma mm f/ DG OS HSM Contemporary Review

It'll be present only in particularly challenging scenarios and is rarely a big problem. Vignetting While there is some vignetting when using the lens wide open, even on the crop-sensor D, it's very manageable and won't pose many issues during real-world shooting. You can see some samples below, and it's clear that the falloff decreases by stopping the lens down even just a single stop at both focal length extremes.

So if that's an important consideration for a specific image, stop down one or two stops. When working from a close distance, especially at mm, you can get nice bokeh from the Sigma mm lens. And you have to pay a hefty premium for faster lenses at this kind of focal length.

I would like to briefly discuss the lens' maximum aperture throughout its focal length range.The Sigma mm DG HSM OS Contemporary is a state-of-the-art telephoto zoom that brings a new level of portability and quality to the super telephoto market.

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Hsm 220

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