Effect of salinity on germination essay

This experiment will be performed in order to determine the tolerance and growth of bean plants on different salinity levels from water containing salt. The irrigation of saline water improves soil structure, but can negatively affect plant growth and crop yield. Excess energy use in plant may eventually lead into plant stress and cause vegetation to become unhealthy and die. A high salt level in the water or soil may then interfere with the germination of new seeds.

Effect of salinity on germination essay

The Effect Salinity On Kang Kong Seed Germination Abstraction The agreement of this undertaking was designed to look into the consequence of salt on sprouting rate of kang kong. Different concentrations of Na chloride NaCl of 1.

The seeds of kang kong is soaked in the salt solutions for 12 hours, dried and so seed Petri dishes. The seeds were left to shoot for 72 hours and 15ml of their several salt solutions were added at 24 hours interval.

The consequences were recorded and the sprouting rate was determined. Using Pearson product-moment correlativity coefficient PMCCa statistical information can be produced.

Effect of salinity on germination essay

It shows a important negative linear relationship between concentration of salts and the sprouting rate of kang kong.

How fast would you like to get it? We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. Bioassay is a trial method employed in mensurating response of populating animate being or works tissue to the toxicity of chemical contaminations.

Effect of Salinity on Germination | Essay Example

In a bio-assay, certain figure of persons of a sensitive species is exposed to specific concentration of the contamination for a specific period to analyze the toxic effects. High dirt salt means high concentrations of these minerals in the dirt. This may go on because low H2O content in the dirt due to inadequate rainfall in the country and mass use of inorganic fertilizers.

Researcher claim that increases in salt will diminish the rate of sprouting of seeds For this probe, concentration of Na chloride will move as the manipulative variable. Sodium chloride, besides known as salt, common salt, table salt, or rock salt, is an ionic compound with the expression NaCl.

Sodium chloride is the salt most responsible for the salt of the ocean and of the extracellular fluid of many multicellular beings. As the major ingredient in comestible salt, it is normally used as a condiment and nutrient preservative.

Ionic construction of NaCl.

The Effects of Salinity on Wheat Germination Essay Sample

However, toxic effects are associated with extra salinity. The seeds of workss adapted to higher salts emphasiss are found to shoot merely when the salt content of their home ground reaches a low degree ; for illustration, after heavy rainfall.

Concept of osmosisOsmosis is the motion of H2O through semi-permeable membrane from low solute concentration hypotonic to high solute concentration hypertonic.

If the seeds were immersed in high salt hypertonicH2O will travel out from the seed doing the seed dry and doing the status unfavorable for sprouting. Soil salt besides considered as one of the of import obstruction to get the better of in order to increases harvests productiveness.

Investigation of salt on seed sprouting will give item about the effects and this cognition can be utile in the close hereafter. In this experiment, I choose to utilize Ipomoea aquatica seeds because it has fast rate of sprouting and they are easy to manage.Salt Concentrations on Germination of Seeds.

Print to look at the effect of Osmosis throughout my investigation is because according to Muhammad Jamil’s journal ‘Effect of salt stress on germination and early seedling growth of four vegetables species.’ It was stated in the journal that salt concentrations is a major contributor to.

The Effect of Salinity on Seed Germination 1) Abstract: Poor seeding growth can be the result of soil salinity. A study was done to examine the influence of NaCl salinity treatment on the germination and seeding grow of vigna radiata using different NaCl concentration 0 (control), , , , Mechanism of Salinity Essay.

Salinity mainly affects and reduce the percentage germination rate and also lowers the onset of a given germination. The effects of salinity on germination can be modified or reduced by use of other environmental factors to counter the effects, such environmental factors may include light and leslutinsduphoenix.comon: Madison Avenue, New York City, , NY.

N. Nasri et al. 58 to salinity.


Salt stress has been shown to decrease the germination percentage and germination rate of some crops [2]. Soil salinity may influence the germination of seeds either by creating an osmotic potential external to.

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Effect of salinity on germination essay

A high salt level in the water or soil may then interfere with the germination of new seeds. Some causes of salinity in the water or soil is due to Natural processes such as the weathering of rocks, wind, and rain.

As the salinity of the water increases, the bean plants’ health will disintegrate as the tolerance of the bean plants weaken through the increase of salinity in each experimental group, the salinity in the experimental groups or ‘excess salt’,is an example of real life natural occurrences.

Effect of Salinity on Germination | Essay Example