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Miranda Schreurs Description Complexity and inefficiency characterize water governance in India. Water management has economic, political, social and environmental dimensions and involves both state and non-state actors. Water Governance includes — setting goals, making rules and regulations, along with the implementation of these rules and regulations.

Dissertationen der fu berlin

His collection was acquired in ; it is made up of approximately 7, volumes of monographical works, brochures and newspapers, of which approximately 3, volumes are from the 19th century. The collection covers the history of Socialism, i.

The collection includes only little non-German-language in the original, but there are many translated sources.

Dissertationen der fu berlin

The German-language literature concerning the Labor Movement outside Germany is also well represented. All in all, and especially with respect to earlier literature 19th centurythis is the largest known private collection in this discipline.

From a historical perspective, the numerous first editions of Socialist classics are impressive. Where research relevance is concerned, the literature published by corporations within the Labor Movement is more notable. The proceedings of the main Conventions are almost complete.

A large portion of the corporation sources consists of publications issued by regional and local clubs, factions, labor secretariats and loCal cooperatives, etc. These materials are among the most valuable parts of Stein's Library.


Herausgegeben von Ulrich Naumann. Belser Wissenschaftlicher Dienst, There is also an edition by Belser Wissenschaftlicher Dienst of about a third of the "Bibliothek Stein" that facilitates access especially to the rare corporation sources. Since the early 60s, the University Library has retrospectively acquired a large amount of earlier literature, aiming at completeness, to specifically complement the Stein collection.

Alfred Weiland was a Communist from Berlin. Among his collection are approximately volumes relevant to the historical research on Socialism. Weiland's collection stands out by its emphasis on, and comprehensiveness concerning the various trends and currents in the Labor Movement's factions along the fringes of SPD and KPD from World War I and later.

Other important elements in the collection are Nazi-Resistance literature and socialist literature from the post-war years. UB der FUB, The resulting catalog, which has been published as a searchable CD-ROM database covers 3, essential sources.

Moreover, some 1, sources have been newly editited. In this case, the sources listed are not limited to the Library's own holdings. Both catalog and source edition were published in by Verlag Belser Wissenschaftlicher Dienst, Wildberg: Bestandskatalog und Quellen-Edition zur proletarischen Frauenbewegung.

A complete MAB2 title database useful for cataloguing purposes is also available: All in all, the collection area Research on Socialism comprises approximately 50, volumes, of which aproximately 20, can be counted as historical sources of Socialism.

In the Library was officially appointed the Deposit Library for West-Berlin, and from to it had that function for all of Berlin with restricted access. Protected Holdings and Rare Materials Collection All items published in or earlier are treated as protected holdings.

The disciplines represented by these holdings are pretty much in keeping with the holdings in general; the materials are mainly from the 19th century. The Rare Materials Collection consists of items of eminent academic, historical or esthetic value: It contains 3, titles, of which approximately 1, were published before Homeopathy The University Library manages, and acts as a trustee for, the Berlin Homeopathic doctors' Associations' library indicated by shelf numbers starting with 4 RH.

Together with the University Library's own accessions, homeopathic literature from Hahnemann to the present is comprehensively covered. Alternative Medicine and outsider publications complement these holdings.

Materials are divided in three categories according to publication date: Private Libraries The Library has acquired a few small collections built by scholars, for instance those of the historian Friedrich Meineckethe legal scholar Franz Neumannthe psychologist Ludwig Lewin and the theater scholar Hans Knudsen These collections with the exception of Knudsen's were not preserved in one piece, but were distributed throughout the stacks, which at the time, were shelved by subject area.

The collections origins lie with the Kgl. There are some 1, theses, especially from the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Dissertationen der fu berlin

All areas of Law are covered, as were taught at the time; in particular common German private law. The collection is catalogued bibliographically and by subject.

All of it is part of the protected holdings and can be used in the Reading Room only. Juristische Dissertationen aus dem Alten Reich: Moreover, sources of, and secondary literature concerning, medicine in antiquity are also well represented.Dissertationen der fu berlin Ida December 01, Trägerschaft: koordinaten: 52 32 dissertationen.

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Betreuer / supervisors. Prof. Dr. Miranda Schreurs. Description. Complexity and inefficiency characterize water governance in India. Water management has economic, political, social and environmental dimensions and involves both state and non-state actors.

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