Confidence cement

Gain Ownership Produce and deliver quality cement and clinker as per customers requirement with an aim to enhance customer satisfaction. Forward Focus At Mangalam Cement, the strategy for steady growth is a focused approach to the future. Birla, the most eminent and illustrious industrialist of the country. It is a professionally managed and well established cement manufacturing company enjoying the confidence of consumers because of its superior quality product and excellent customer service.

Confidence cement

Forecasted Exchange rates Source: Interest Rate Interest rates lending and deposit rates have continued torise over the years, until the end of when it dipped slightly.

The interest rates should continue to decrease since the Bangladesh Bank has placed numerous caps on lendingrates in order to revitalize business growth.

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Capital Market Despite strong growth inthe capital market has been showing a falling trend the past year or so. The volatile nature of the Bangladeshi stock market has been greatly affected by political instability, inactive institutional participation and changeable sentiments.

However, participation of foreign investors in the Bangladeshi market is limited. As a result, our stock market is isolated from the recent global economic trends.

Instead, fall in index derives from lack of confidence in investors. Political Situation The scheduled general election at the end of has impacted the economy in Recent reform initiatives including the reduction of lag time in the ports dramatically, customs and labor standards are positive for Bangladesh.

Confidence cement

Such policies have a positive implication on the cement industry since allows smoother flow of resources. Remittance The first half of sustained the growth as observed in the previous year. In fact, Remittance receipts increased incontrary to popular beliefs.

However, it is expected that levels of remittance will fall as the true effects of remittance hits Bangladesh. The current account balances are rise again inwhen the global economy will be in a recovery stage. Ancillary Services The main ancillary industry of cement industry is real estate industry.

The real estate industry and cement industry are strongly positively correlated as both the industries are now going through a slump. The construction sector is closely linked to demand of cement; therefore volatility in that sector will hit the cement industry hard.

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Demand for construction is related to levels of remittance; hence Confidence Cement Limited will also be affected. Also real estate sector is expected to further slow down as it is heavily dependent on remittance as a large proportion of real estate are developed for Non-resident Bangladeshis.

Effect of Macro-economic indicators: The GDP growth is very important to the cement industry as it is an indicator of demand. The industry already suffers from excess supply and lower capacity utilization.

Slight fall in demand for cement will have an adverse implication on the overall sector. A slowdown in growth will stunt infrastructure and construction development which could severely impact the profitability of cement companies. High rates of inflation equates to lower purchasing power.

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About Dalmia Cement. Dalmia Cement (DCBL) is among the top most cement companies in India.

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We're also the first cement manufacturing company in the country to set up an R&D lab for concrete. Confidence Cement Limited is the pioneer cement manufacturing company in private cement sector in Bangladesh under the Government Industriaal policy of The company was established in May 02, is a form of public limited company.

The CONFIDENCE ® SPINAL CEMENT SYSTEM is intended for percutaneous delivery of CONFIDENCE ® Spinal Cements, which are indicated for fixation of pathological fractures of the vertebral body during vertebroplasty or kyphoplasty procedures.

Confidence cement

Painful vertebral compression fractures may result from osteoporosis, benign lesions (haemangioma), and. Confidence Cement Limited is one of the largest cement producers in Bangladesh.

The wing is a leading blue-chip company in Dhaka and Chittagong Stock Exchange and one of those 20 best performing companies in last 10 years. The CONFIDENCE SPINAL CEMENT SYSTEM ® combines unique highly viscous cement with a novel hydraulic delivery system.

The radiopaque CONFIDENCE System reaches a dough-like phase immediately after the cement components have been mixed, without going through a liquid phase.

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