Business plan beispiele gastronomie belge

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Business plan beispiele gastronomie belge

To Belgians the most famous Ostendais of them all remains painter James Ensor who spent most of his life here. Today Ostend has a modern look and feel and is geared to hosting major conferences and welcoming hordes of tourists. With centuries of weary travellers and pleasure-seeking trippers passing through the city, they know how to do hospitality.

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Luckily nearly all the locals speak English as even their fellow Belgians struggle to get their ears around the thick local Flemish dialect. The city has a well-equipped Tourism Office located right in front of the Casino.

For opening hours, tips, advice, tours and much more check Visit Ostend. There was more than just one solitary message in a business plan beispiele gastronomie belge washed up Not those plying the bea It eventually became a city in the Middle Ages.

Testerep finally vanished beneath the waves in the 14th century and the people of Ostend decided enough was enough, rebuilding their town further inland behind some serious flood protection. Like any major port Ostend has seen its share of trouble down the ages.

The Vikings paid a few visits.

business plan beispiele gastronomie belge

The Spanish held territory here and used Ostend as a base in their fight to maintain sovereignty over the Dutch during their 80 year war for independence. There is sadly nearly nothing left from this period to see or visit around the city.

The official City Museum will get you up to speed on the rich history of your immediate surroundings.

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It was his son, the infamous Leopold II, however, who really put the royal stamp on Ostend, building several suitably grand houses and monuments fit for a king here. King Leopold II, who ruled Belgium from tospent almost as much time in Ostend as he did at his capital in Brussels. In his wake came the good and the great who turned Ostend into a resort to rival Brighton or Deauville.

business plan beispiele gastronomie belge

Ostend was rich, busy and dedicated to the pursuit of pleasure. An airport and marina soon made the city accessible from many more places than the traditional English ferry ports and improved rail links from Brussels and the Belgian interior opened Ostend back up once more.

The city soon started to show signs of becoming a Riviera-style playground on the North Sea again and flourished once more.

Or you can drive through the Chunnel or jump on a car ferry to Calais, Dunkirk or Zeebrugge. Train schedules, tickets and itineraries from any station in Belgium to the terminus at Ostend are available via the Belgian Rail travel tool.

The city is also on many coach routes.Présentation de cette chaîne belge maintenant présente dans le monde et qui offre des plats qui L'enseigne est active dans tous les domaines de la gastronomie. Elle propose ses services pour.

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